Perhaps not surprising to most coffee drinkers, this beloved beverage is a remarkably valued food commodity ranking in the top 100 most traded commodities globally.

From 1970 to 2000 it was the second most valuable commodity exported by developing countries. Forecast worldwide production of coffee for 2019/2020 is a whopping 23.3 billion pounds! (10.6 billion kg).

And judging by current coffee consumption levels, that momentum continues to heat up. In fact, from its current 2019 level of $24.4 billion, the global coffee bean market value is projected to reach $30.2 billion by 2025!



In a separate post, we traveled through the counties and regions which produce this popular beverage, but what are the world’s top coffee consumption countries?

Many of us assume that the country we live in must be included on this list, considering that our relatives, friends, and neighbors mostly share our same coffee drinking habits. Plus, not a day seems to pass without a new coffee shop popping up nearby. Still, you might be surprised by the competition.

Here’s our list of the top 10 coffee consumption counties in the world:

10 – Canada

12.7 cups per week
14 pounds per person (6.5kg) or 658 cups/year
O Canada, how you love your coffee! As diverse as our list is, Canada can say they’re the only Non-European country in the Top 10 of coffee drinkers. So it’s hardly a surprise that their National Coffee Association named it, the most commonly consumed beverage.


9 – Luxembourg

12.8 cups per week
14.1 pounds per person (6.4kg) or 665 cups per year
Small in size, but massive in their love for coffee! This phrase can ideally describe our #9 on the list. Famous for having an assortment of options, from unique Espressos to artisan drinks served at the most exquisite coffee shops.


8 – Belgium

13.6 cups per week
15 pounds per person (6.8kg) or 705 cups per year
Belgium is internationally seen as a symbol of beer, waffles, and donuts (see where we’re going with this?), and what better way to enjoy these delights than with a nice, hot cup of coffee alongside? (Well, maybe not for beer.)


7 – Switzerland

15.8 cups per week
17 1/2 pounds per person (8kg) or 823 cups per year
The Swiss are passionate espresso drinkers, especially the caffè crema, which is the default type of black coffee served. It seems sharing a border with Italy has influenced their coffee preferences. Unlike the Nordic countries on this list, The Swiss are generally not fond of filtered style coffees.


6 – Sweden

16.3 cups per week
18 pounds per person (8.2kg) or 846 cups per year
Sweden took it to a whole new level: they have a concept named Fika, which is translated as; to have coffee. Fika can be at a social event, or during working hours, and as in many other countries, coffee houses abound.


5 – Netherlands

16.7 cups per week
18 1/2 pounds per person (8.4kg) or 870 cups per year
The Netherlands became one of the first nordic countries to embrace this revered beverage when Dutch merchants started shipping coffee plants from Yemen to Dutch colonies in the 17th century with the purpose of cultivation.


4 – Denmark

17.2 cups per week
19 pounds (8.7kg) or 893 cups per year
Like most Scandinavians, Danes have the tradition of serving coffee at every meal, accompanied by cakes, cookies, and small sandwiches during special occasions.


3 – Iceland

18 cups per week
20 pounds (9kg) or 940 cups per year
Icelandic culture includes offering a cup of coffee to visitors in what we might consider an invitation to make them feel comfortable and welcome. A curious fact is that coffee shop chains are not popular. Still, coffee houses have managed to supply the high daily demand of the treasured drink.


2 – Norway

19.8 cups per week
22 pounds (10kg) or 1034 cups per year
In this country, Kaffe is mostly accompanied by breakfast and pastries. Since coffee is a social drink, Norwegians usually invite people over to enjoy a cup of (or two), traditionally served with cakes or other refreshments.


1 – Finland

24.4 cups per person every week!
27 pounds (12kg) or 1269 cups per year
Finland takes the top spot on our list of coffee consumption countries worldwide.

It’s not uncommon at all to find these coffee drinkers to enjoy eight or nine cups a day!

Like other Scandinavian countries, coffee in Finland is almost always served with cake. In fact, there is even a Finnish word for coffee and cake…it’s kakkukahvi. When you’re there visiting someone’s home, even unannounced, you can expect a pot of coffee will be brewed up right away.



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